The UG-NX is a high-end advanced CAD, CAE, and CAM product life cycle management software solution from Siemens. Manufacturing companies across multiple industries use NX CAD due to its sophisticated design capabilities and proven strengths in significantly reducing design me. The integrated software solution covers all aspects of product development process streamline and increase product development process. NX CAD makes the design process come to life for the automotive industry by reducing design me substantially. NX CAD supports modeling of both complex surfaces and solid models, and has more advanced freeform modeling capabilities.
Basic understanding engineering design. Leaners from Mechanical, production, automobile and aerospace are most suited for this program. Aspiring and working professionals looking for upgrading their 3D design and solid modelling skills can take up this program
Course Objective: 
The NX CAD course provides an outline of the current Body in White (BIW) component design factors and detailed explanations about their significance to part function, cost, and reliability. In this course, the modern design methodology is examined, covering Design for Manufacturing and Assembly and how determining product end-use requirements is essential to creating successful contemporary products. The program covers a range of content that will let the candidates gain expertise in development of part manufacturing
key Contents:

User interface
Sketcher essentials

Constraining sketches


Creating part features

Editing parts
Editing Curves
Editing freeform features
Creating assembly constrains
Positioning assembly component
Basic assembly concept
Creating fundamental curves

Assembly revision and component replacement
Assembly sequencing

Assemblies-clearance and analysis

Deformable components

Part families

Introduction to drawing

Drafting and View

Creating dimensions notes and labels

Plotting drawings

Duration: 60 Hrs

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