HyperMesh is the market-leading, multi-disciplinary finite element pre-processor which manages the generation of the largest, most complex models, starting with the import of a CAD geometry to exporting a ready-to-run solver file. HyperMesh supports a wide variety of CAD and solver interfaces, making it a perfect solution for most industry verticals and domains. With its advanced geometry and meshing capabilities, HyperMesh provides an environment for rapid model generation. Generating high-quality mesh quickly is just one
of HyperMesh’s core competencies.
This course is suitable for beginner and aspiring professionals with little or no experience. Also, it is highly recommended for anyone who has a passion for a career in designing or Analysis.
Course Objective: 
Hypermesh training program helps students to work on CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
simulations software platform. This course will enable the students to create finite element models for analysis and make high-quality meshes in an efficient manner. This course will also cover the skills that are needed to work with geometry editing tools for design CAD models for the meshing process.
key Contents:

Getting Started with HyperMesh

Working with Panels

Importing and Repairing CAD

Generating a Midsurface

Auto-Midsurfacing with Advanced

Geometry and Mesh Editing Using the Quick Edit


Creating 1-D Elements


3D Element

Creating a Hexahedral Mesh using the Solid Map

Checking and Editing Mesh

Analysis Setup

Formatting Model for Analysis

Obtaining and Assigning Beam Cross-Section

Properties using HyperBeam
Free Body Diagram.
Working with Loads on Geometry

Duration: 80 Hrs
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