EduCADD franchise model offers lucrative business opportunities for young entrepreneurs who have the desire to flourish in education sector. Our franchise model ensures vital support on most important aspects of business. We offer a superior business model by optimizing franchise operating model and maximizing benefits.

Presently, EduCADD has a network of 70+ Franchisees spread across India. Our score card of franchisees is an indication of our commitment in providing excellent services. A big benefit to be an EduCADD franchise is that we offer business owners a proven business strategy. When many new businesses struggle to develop a viable and profitable business plan, EduCADD has proved its profitability time and again. Virtually all EduCADD centers are now independently owned franchises. EduCADD franchisees are efficient with one or two computer labs, two classrooms and a good number of enrolled students at any given time. Advertising as well as promotions and pricing bands are designed by EduCADD on behalf of its Franchisees. This is common across all centers.

Centers tend to vary in size in Urban and Rural Areas. The transition from a company owned model to a franchise model was driven by two primary factors.
  • EduCADD’s vision to grow its business within India in rapid pace through franchising.
  • Leverage the local knowledge of each franchisee.
Despite independent ownership, EduCADD maintains a disciplined control over quality output of franchisees through a combination of contractual obligations, curriculum, advertising control and supervision by Regional managers through EduCADD Center Management System (ECMS) From the students’ perspective, EduCADD remains a single entity, as all instructors have been certified through EduCADD Certified Instructor Program (ECIP) and deliver a common curriculum leading to a common certification. EduCADD provides flexibility to students in case they wish to move to another city or state as per the availability of Centre.

EduCADD course model incorporates a combination of instructor-led, computer-based, and Web-based instruction and learning. This model is based on a strong foundation of in-depth research, course design, and instructional design.

Research on the latest technologies and industry needs are incorporated to make the course high-end and Industry-relevant to suit the present needs of the Job scenario. A dedicated team of designers and pedagogy experts from EduCADD design optimum courseware and methodologies to meet industry standards.


EduCADD’s business model is based on a win-win situation wherein both, the franchisee and the parent company, EduCADD, benefits from the relationship. We ensure profitability for our franchisees. EduCADD is student’s preferred choice when it comes to CAD education.And is also very well known among the corporates as CAD training service provider.

Distinct Advantages

  • EduCADD, is most reputed brand in the CAD training industry and can potentially provide business owners with instant name recognition.
  • EduCADD business model is proven and time tested. The feasibility of running an EduCADD center is proven from the fact that no EduCADD center is incurring losses.
  • EduCADD has well planned and executable centralized and regionalized marketing activities.
  • EduCADD has number of consultants (senior and successful professionals from the industry) on board to envision the goals and guide the company to achieve these goals.
  • EduCADD has mastered the art of delivering quality training. The technical and business know-how is readily made available to the partner by providing total solutions in CAD and Multimedia.
  • EduCADD hasperfect organizational hierarchy (parallel verticals) to support the partners. which are time tested systems and processes to effectively support the partners.
  • EduCADD courses are effective (International certification courses with global value) and with reasonable prices.
  • EduCADD courses are excellent, comprehensive courseware coupled with quality teaching through video base education.
  • EduCADD has wide mix of courses such as diploma and master diploma which are offered at very cost effective denominations with good career prospects.


Opening of the centre depends upon availability and reediness of the premises. Normally it varies from 15 days to 45 days.

A franchisee needs to have 1 Centre Manager, 1 Counselor, 1 Placement Officer, 1 Marketing Executives, 1 Outdoor Sales Manager (Business Development Manager), 3 Trainers.

The franchise fee varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

The licensing fee varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

No Royalty business.

More than 30% of our existing partners are not from CAD background and they are successfully doing the business because of the strong support system of EduCADD. All new partners are called for a comprehensive hands-on induction program in Bangalore before they start the business.

The minimum available floor space varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

The minimum infrastructure requirement varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

  • Imparting Quality Training
  • Local Marketing
  • Maintain centre as per SOP

The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential. EduCADD will decide on the number of centres based on various parameters.

There is no set distance for this. The decision solely remains in the hands of EduCADD based on the population of the Target audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.

20-25% profit on the total turn-over can be expected during 1st Year of Operation.

EduCADD will support the center in the recruitment process by evaluating the skills and upgrading the skills.

EduCADD will provide

  • Train The Trainer Program
  • Technical Forum
  • EduCADD Certified Instructor Program (ECIP) to validate the skill

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the center does not have the necessary resources (counselor, sales executives etc.) to drive more registrations. It could also be that the center might not have a proper lead tracking system in place to keep a track of the enquiries and leads and chase it up with them accordingly. It could also be that there is very little potential in that area.

No. This has to be taken care by the center itself.

Every centre is virtually managed on day to day basis by a cloud based application “EduCADD Centre Management System” (ECMS) which is also a paperless office which can be efficiently manage end to end day to day operations

  • Enquiry Management
  • Walk-In Management
  • Registration Management
  • Receipting Management
  • Certificate Generation
  • Logistic Management etc.

EduCADD consistently participates in SEO, SEM activities and print media PAN India as a brand building activity. However local area marketing activities will be taken care by respective EduCADD partners.

EduCADD will be, periodically, providing marketing collaterals, centralized buying of media. Also during the peak season of CAD training business, EduCADD conducts CADD DRIVE event PAN India to help partners generate more revenue. HO will also initiate lot of activities during this period.

Yes, EduCADD does support franchise with genuine software licenses to ensure they are software compliant and safer from piracy and software audits for a hassle free business

  • Course reference materials
  • Globally recognized certificate which can be validate
  • Globally recognized certificate from software OEM
  • Placement support (JobKart)
  • Logistic Management etc.

In order to maintain consistency in business EduCADD offers its partners with multiple revenue streams. Kindly refer on Return On Investment (ROI) sheet for more clarity.

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Why Information Technology?

Global cybercrime costs are projected to grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching US$10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from US$3 trillion in 2015.  The imperative to protect increasingly vulnerable  digitized businesses, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and consumers from cybercrime will skyrocket global spending on cybersecurity products and services to US$1.75 cumulatively for the five-year period from 2021 to 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.  Cybercrime costs include include   damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption to the normal course of business, forensic investigation, restoration and deletion of hacked data and systems, and reputational harm.  Every IT position is a cybersecurity position and every IT worker, every technology worker, getting  involved with protecting and defending apps, data, devices, infrastructure and people from this catastrophe.  With this the world will have 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by the end of 2021 and this opens huge opportunity for Cyber security related training and certifications.

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The Indian interior design market was valued at USD 23.2 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 38.2 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 7.4%, during the period of 2020-2026.  Rising income levels, urbanization, faster adoption of new trends through social media platforms displaying interior design trends, the growing popularity of smart homes, and changes in lifestyles and standards, have contributed to this growth in India’s interior design market.  Increasing investments in real estate in commercial properties in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.  India is expected to become the world’s third-largest construction market in the near future. Additionally, the enormous volume of construction work, with a significant rise in the co-working space and building of public infrastructure and new generation homes and infrastructural elevations are driving this growth.  All these project a huge potential for Interior Design professionals and architects in India in days to come.

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