Minimalist architecture defines as were simple design and elements of design, without using rich ornamentation or organic decoration in the design. Minimalist design believes in form of a design in a very simple way to base essential requirements of the user. Minimalist architecture or design is basically inspired by Cubical cubes. Famous Architects like Ludwig Mies Van-der Rohe, theorist the minimalist architecture gave maximum power to design space… Common Minimalist Design style Includes: Geometric shapes or forms Simple and Plain Materials Clear and Neat component Repetition of models or components Open space or open garden Vertical and Horizontal lines Why do we need Concepts of Minimalist? Minimalist is not providing unnecessary Elements into design. Its is all about “LESS IS MORE,MORE IS LESS” where all are simple elegance and normal form of design will be used. What us Minimalist decoration style? Its is a design where very simple and modern design technique included using a bare essentials to create a simple and clear space Why it is so Popular? It is around for a long time,now more than ever it is growing Phenomenon and interested trend as the world we live in. Most of the Millennial have giving a statement saying In this style of interior and architecture gives a Peace of mind, clarity and focus are all purpose benefits the user to use the space happily. And also increased awareness of importance of mental health, Minimalism is become a part of life to becoming a desirable and highly enjoy full lifestyle and mindset. EduCADD brings you the best interior and architectural design course in India which will help you to build your career finishing any stream of your life…..

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