logoDesigning and printing objects is not only great fun; in the meantime kids also expand their knowledge and develop a whole range of skills

EduCADD 3D@School helps K-8 teachers teach STEM/STEAM concepts, design thinking principles and 21st-century learning skills using 3D printing. Our pioneering 3D solutions for schools include easy to use 3D modeling software, over 100 curriculum-aligned lesson plans, professional development, training and support. 
Advantages of 3D printing in your school?
logo3D printing is the future, children need to be taught about it and we need to invest more in bringing this technology in schools. Technology and education are both ever-changing professions, to move forward in your ability to educate, you need to move forward in the technology you use.

Improved learning methods: even though students are traditionally taught through books and theory, kinesthetic learners prefer to learn through using aids and materials. 3D printing allows you to bring any subject matter to life as a physical aid to engage all of your students, for a longer period of time, increasing their learning and improving their problem solving and critical thinking capabilities.

Helping students to improve: using this technology in schools can help students to improve in their area. For example, a student designing something can make a prototype to analyse and enhance upon, or a student wanting to bake a pudding in a unique design can create their own cake mould.
Solving Real-World Problems
logo 3D printing is a technology that scientists and engineers are using to change the world. Put that same technology into the hands of your students and introduce them to some of the challenges facing your community. They will learn empathy, teamwork, and problem solving as you set them loose on a real-world problem. Don’t be surprised if they come up with solutions you hadn’t even imagined.
 Brings Art Back
logoAlthough art is already making a bit of a comeback with the advent of STEAM education, 3D printing will help catapult it to the top. With 3D printing, students become designers and creators using cutting-edge technology to visualize and create their own imaginations. Not to mention the growth students will have in their spatial reasoning skills and 2D to 3D conversion understanding, which has been found to be a predictor of future success.
BONUS: Becoming the Coolest School!
3D printing is amazing. It gives you a tiny manufacturing plant and prototyping tool right inside your school, which your students can use to bring their imaginations to life. Give your students (and yourself!) the transformative opportunity to see what awesomeness they can create with 3D printing technology.
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